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Blast Media BPO is committed to amplify business process outsourcing with intelligent operations that harness top-notch talent and state-of-the-art technology. We provide superior services under various industries. Our decades of experience in outbound and inbound sales, customer support, tech, and many other niches assure exemplary customer services for your clients.

Call Center Services

Working with our team means you’ve got well-trained industry experts to patiently answer your clients’ questions and provide guidance when needed. Take comfort in knowing that we use the highest quality telephony for our call centers, designed for easy adoption and quick deployment, to ascertain smooth and seamless services without glitches.

Data Entry Services

Data entry is delicate because it is prone to human error. However, working with the right team can mitigate any potential problems. When you work with Blast Media BPO, you have highly trained members to encode data. Best of all, we use updated tools and enforce proper protocols to keep all your sensitive data secure. We always have a team on standby, so you’ll have access to backup when necessary.

Customer Support

If you want to retain your clients and entice new ones, customer support is key. Get peace of mind knowing that your company is a mere phone call away from your clients. We can help with everything such as answering queries, resetting passwords, or providing guidance to more technical troubleshooting.

Why us

We provide high quality work for you without breaking the bank. Enjoy exemplary services stemming from decades of experience in various industries. Our team is ready to collaborate with you so we can transform your challenges into success. Let our partnership help you thrive in this ever-changing and complex business environment. Blast Media BPO is an ally that turns setbacks into fuel so you can soar and attain success.

Outsourcing is the Answer

Instead of fretting over details like marketing, sales, tech support, etc., focus your attention on what you do best. Run your business without worries, develop products, and meet with investors. When you outsource to a reliable partner, you don’t have to worry about paying for in-house benefits like leaves and insurance. Instead, you get the same quality work for a fraction of the price. Enjoy consistent results that increase your company’s bottomline.

Integrity and Excellence

Our team is committed to the success of all our clients. We invest in all our team members in training and continuous education. We also provide employee engagement activities for work-life balance. Our employees are our best assets. We believe that caring for them enables them to serve others with integrity and excellence.

Support When You Need It

When you partner up with Blast Media BPO, you gain access to highly trained team members with a mission to support your operations 24/7. Even if you clients need support on the weekend or at the crack of dawn, our team is there, providing service with a smile.

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